52 real estate companies you need to know to get rich investing in property


Real estate and getting rich investing in property has always been in the blood of Singaporeans.

From the moment a kid is born, parents incessantly tell them they should get their own house in future, get another after saving up, rent the first one out, and then repeat the process.

Investing in property can no doubt help one become rich (if done the right way), but how would one know how to invest without first getting a lay of the landscape?

To get you acquainted with the real estate scene in Singapore, here’s a list of 52 real estate companies and websites you should know.

The website and companies are across all verticals of proptech, traditional brokerage companies, agency firms, web listing sites etc.

Collectively, we’ve scoured the Google landscape and considered a whole bunch of companies that we think you should know about.

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There’s 52 of them so you can spend every week of your life getting acquainted with each of them. Helpful in case you can’t sleep too.

You never know when such knowledge will come in handy on your journey to property riches.

With knowledge of these companies, you are definitely starting off on the right foot in your property investment journey.

Need a valuer? There’s one in there.

Need a high tech property manager? It’s included.

Need to list your property for sale? Plenty of listings sites for you to choose from.

The websites are listed in ascending order of Alexa Singapore Rankings. Global rankings are included as a reference.

The first would have the lowest ranking i.e. most popular website in this list according to Alexa.

Alexa stats were obtained on 3 Jan 2018.

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Propertyguru should undoubtedly be the most well known listings site in Singapore with a wide range of private and public properties available for search.

Because of its sheer size, Propertyguru attracts anyone remotely interested in property, be they buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors or agents.

Global rank: 16,873
Singapore rank: 89



MoneySmart was founded in 2009 with the simple aim to help Singaporeans make better financial decisions.

With multiple banks and financial institutions pushing countless products out to consumers in the market today, navigating one’s way through all the marketing and technical jargon while dodging the tactics of their overly pushy sales representatives simultaneously can be a major challenge, even for the experienced consumer.

By aggregating and consolidating product information to a single platform for comparison that’s personalized to one’s unique consumer profile, Moneysmart aims to put the power back into the hands of consumers.

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Whether it’s a loan, insurance or credit card, Moneysmart aims to make information easy to understand and products easy to apply for – all in one place.

Global rank: 72,343
Singapore rank: 436



99.co is the upstart that is trying to dethrone PropertyGuru.

Backed by well known investor Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder, 99.co is going places with their data analytics and technology powering the property search.

Global rank:58,938
Singapore rank: 437



SRX is a listings site that’s comparable to PropertyGuru and 99.co, but with an added touch of analytics driving most of the research and information provided. They also publish their own SRX property indices that supplement statistics provided by HDB and URA.

Global rank: 71,927
Singapore rank: 569



Edgeprop is the property website of The Edge Media Group.

Similar to other listings websites, users can search for properties on the site but supplement it with research, news and tools made available.

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Tools include an en-bloc calculator, heatmap and market trend charts.

The company is big on analytics and technology which powers a lot of what they offer.

Global rank: 104,234
Singapore rank:706



Commercialguru is the sister site of PropertyGuru and one of the biggest commercial property listings website.

There aren’t many close competitors in the commercial property listings space.

Global rank: 105,496
Singapore rank: 832



Singaporeexpats cater mainly to expats living in Singapore. This section of the site has postings by owners or landlords themselves.

Besides housing information, the forum is quite vibrant with regular interaction by the community.

Global rank: 94,155
Singapore rank: 856



iProperty Signapore is owned iProperty Group.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Group is focused on developing and operating leading property portals and delivering the most comprehensive set of related property services and project marketing across the Region.

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The Group owns portals which are market leaders in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Hong Kong Region and a leading portal in Singapore.

Global rank: 157,563
Singapore rank:1,186



STproperty was set up in 2007 and was previously called ST701.

The parent company is the well known SPH group that produces Singapore’s newspapers.

The site is getting slightly dated compared to other listings sites.

Global rank: 179,689
Singapore rank: 1,445



Rentinsingapore is a listings website powered by SRX.

It offers the most up to date property listings and tenants profiles.

It includes rooms for rent, condo, apartment, HDB & room wanted ads.

Global rank: 151,481
Singapore rank: 1,503



Nestia is a one stop platform dedicated to making daily living in Singapore a breeze. The site’s stated goal is to save you the hassle of searching information across multiple platforms or apps.

Global rank: 184,589
Singapore rank: 1,675



Propnex is a real estate agency firm that specializes mainly in HDB transactions. The firm set up their own fund in 2014.

Global rank: 260,051
Singapore rank: 2,201



ERA is the only listed real estate agency in Singapore. They specialize mainly in HDB transactions and was set up in 1982.

Global rank: 262,221
Singapore rank: 2,392

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Huttons Group


Huttons is one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in Singapore.

They are based in Singapore with a regional network in Malaysia (Huttons One World SDN Bhd), Philippines (Huttons MHT Co Inc), Cambodia (Huttons CPL), Indonesia (Huttons LOT) and Vietnam (Huttons VNC).

The company is still growing rapidly and fast expanding internationally, making it easier for both clients and buyers to cross-buy and sell property locally and abroad.

Since 2002, they have grown from a small team of associates to over 3000 real estate consultants at present.

The company has a reputation for our professional excellence in providing a comprehensive portfolio of sales including Project Marketing, Resale & Leasing Services.

Global rank: 426,836
Singapore rank: 3,596


Squarefoot is one of the more successful proptech startups that began life in the early 2010’s. I have personally met the founder when I was working in the research industry.

Leveraging on analytics and software to gather large amounts of data, there is a wide swath of information and research available on the site.

Global rank: 369,856
Singapore rank: 3,983



Coassets was one of the early entrants into the crowdfunding scene a few years ago.

They recently listed on the Australia Stock Exchange and have been successful in crowdfunding some projects.

Global rank: 456,909
Singapore rank: 4,419



Streetsine Technology Group is a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and can be considered a leader in Singapore’s digital property scene.

They offer one-stop real estate services including residential and commercial Quality Listings on SRX.com.sg, full valuations from SRX.com.sg/valuations, and mortgage financing in collaboration with Maybank on SRX.com.sg/mortgage.

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Among other services, StreetSine manages and operates the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX™) and Hong Kong Real Estate Exchange (HRX™).

Global rank: 401,185
Singapore rank: 7,089



Pegaxis takes the age old business of property management into the 21st century.

They aim to use technology to create an online marketplace connecting building managers and service providers.

Global rank: 949,959
Singapore rank: 10,066



Ohmyhome can be considered a proptech company that allows homebuyers and sellers to transact themselves without the need for an agent.

They also offer the choice of having someone experienced help buyers and sellers with their transaction.

Global rank: 1,081,121
Singapore rank: 10,957



Propertynet is a website operated by an agent who has been featured on the news.

The site has basic news articles and some analysis using numbers provided by the government. I like the fact that the website publishes analyses that go beyond the surface of what is already in the papers.

In addition, there are listings but they are mainly those marketed by the agent.

Global rank: 695,318
Singapore rank: 11,294



iCompareLoan.com was set up specifically to help people with Home Loans either for Refinancing or new property purchase.

Rates can be compared, and upon finalizing a package, one can liaise with the Singapore banks directly.

Global rank: 892,151
Singapore rank: 11,885



Spacemob is a co-working space provide committed to building foundations for individuals and businesses to bring their visions to life.

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Their space is the starting point, where they endlessly build proprietary tools like a member matching platform, so that users can augment their business, and scale it to the heights of their imagination.

Global rank: 1,168,279
Singapore rank: 12,990



Justco is a co-working space provider with spaces at Robinson Road, Raffles Quay, UIC Building and Marina One.

Global rank: 1,203,585
Singapore rank: 13,798



Orangetee was launched in 2000 and has since established itself as a reputable, dynamic and fast-growing real estate enterprise in Singapore.

They presently have about 3100 management and support staff.

Global rank: 955,177
Singapore rank: 15,879



Showsuite allows potential buyers to view a new launch unit using virtual reality (VR).

Their business model is to tie up with developers and help them market their units using VR. Showsuite can be considered a proptech company.

Global rank: 2,341,590
Singapore rank: 18,236



Directhome is one of many proptech startups that is helping owners sell their homes themselves, or buyers purchase one themselves.

The site caters to those looking to buy, sell or rent.

Global rank: 2,091,590
Singapore rank: 19,373

Knight Frank

Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a well known MNC providing a full range of real estate services.

Global rank: 1,309,858
Singapore rank: 19,923



Averspace is a property listing application offering users the ability to transact with each other using mobile digital contracts on the app.

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Leasing agreements and related documents can be digitally signed within the app, and as they are powered by blockchain technology, they are also safe, reliable and efficient.

Global rank: 1,797,835
Singapore rank: 20,836



Propertyinvestsg is a property blog that aims to provide property and REIT news.

Together with unbiased research, interviews and tips, the site aims to help people get rich investing in property and REITs.

Global rank: 1,371,307
Singapore rank: 20,871



Greyloft is a licensed real estate agency using technology to improve the real estate rental and sales process.

Combining online decision making tools with a team of in-house licensed property brokers, the site helps consumers make smarter renting or buying decisions.

The site is also trying to redefine the real estate experience by integrating a suite of online tools and offline services to deliver a holistic customer centric solution.

Global rank: 1,615,706
Singapore rank: 22,502

Collective Works

Collective Works

Collective works provides co-working spaces at Capital Tower and Cecil Street.

Global rank: 1,805,634
Singapore rank: 28,466

Collison 8

Collison 8

Collision 8 is a co-working space company with their location at Clarke Quay.

Global rank: 935,311
Singapore rank: 29,983



JLL is a well known MNC providing a full range of real estate services.

Global rank: 1,456,069
Singapore rank: 35,092



Propwise is a property blog.

Global rank: 1,852,835
Singapore rank: 36,127



Onehome is a basic listings website. On the smaller scale compared to industry leaders PropertyGuru.

Global rank: 4,687,342
Singapore rank: 44,696

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Colliers is a well known MNC providing a full range of real estate services.

Global rank: 71,346
Singapore rank: NA



WeWork is one of the biggest co-working operators in the world.

Founded by Adam Neumann, an Israeli-American billionaire businessman, together with Miguel McKelvey, they have transformed the office and working industry since 2010.

Their entrance into Singapore means that many of the smaller operators have to contend with a big and deep-pocketed player on the scene.

Global rank: 11,341
Singapore rank: NA



FlySpaces empowers businesses as a digital marketplace that provides short-term work and meeting space solutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and mobile professionals.

Whether the need is for an hour, a day, a week or a few months – the company has a network of hundreds of spaces to discover across key South East Asian cities.

Global rank: 1,134,877
Singapore rank: NA



Savills is a well known MNC providing a full range of real estate services.

Global rank: 1,595,391
Singapore rank: NA

The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol is a co-working space provider with spaces at Keong Saik and Robinson Road.

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The company was one of the newer entrants into the industry that did well, but with the arrival of Wework and Justco have had to reinvent themselves to take on the competition.

Global rank: 1,705,842
Singapore rank: NA

The Hive

The Hive

The Hive was founded by serial entrepreneur Constant Tedder in 2012.

After moving to Hong Kong from U.K, he set out to create a beautiful workspace for entrepreneurs, creatives and start-up businesses to create a community to grow together. Their space is at New Bridge Road.

Global rank: 1,881,382
Singapore rank: NA



CBRE is a well known MNC providing a full range of real estate services.

CBRE can be compared to JLL in terms of their prestige in the real estate industry. The company also has an investment arm called CBRE Global Investors.

CBRE Global Investors count as one of the largest fund management companies in the world. They invest on behalf of numerous sovereign and pension funds.

Global rank: 2,149,846
Singapore rank: NA



FundPlaces was started in 2015 to help investors grow their wealth through real estate by providing a better way for investors to discover, purchase and benefit from global real estate opportunities.

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Real estate is a tangible asset and has been an exceptionally profitable asset class for many investors. The company is known for their innovative marrying of technology and physical assets to create TILES.

Global rank: 2,717,009
Singapore rank: NA

The Co

The Co

The Co. is a premium work experience that uniquely weaves life and business together through an inspired sense of adventure and purpose.

They have working spaces at Duxton, High Street and Bangsa in KL.

Global rank: 3,041,333
Singapore rank: NA

Edmund Tie & Company

Edmund Tie & Company

Edmund Tie & Company (SEA) Pte Ltd, previously known as DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd, is a prominent property consulting firm with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Their suite of offerings include brokerage, sales, leasing, research, auctions, property and facility management among many others.

There is news that they have shifted out of their space in Shaw Tower to Singapore Land Tower.

Global rank: 4,419,877
Singapore rank: NA



SnappyHouse is another proptech startup providing an online platform for DIY homeowners to buy and rent property directly.

Without third-party marketing agents, the DIY homeowner is equipped with exciting, user friendly management tools at all stages of the home project.

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Enhanced with data analytics, planning and interaction capabilities, all stakeholders in the real estate industry can better support DIY homeowner to achieve an intimate and successful home selling/buying experience.

Global rank: 5,658,989
Singapore rank: NA

Dennis Wee Group (DWG)


Dennis Wee is primarily a real estate agency firm that merged with Propnex in Jun 2017.

Global rank: 6,203,831
Singapore rank: NA



Trehaus was founded by four working mums; Tjin, Rachel, Elizabeth & Elaine.

Trehaus aims to provide opportunities for children to explore and enjoy the Atelier play space.

Moms and Dads who are using the co-working space can drop-off their child and allow him or her to learn through play and exploration.

Trehaus was one of the early entrants into the co-working space that differentiated themselves by targeting working parents.

The effort seems to have paid off with positive media coverage of their space.

Global rank: 6,551,393
Singapore rank: NA



District6 is a 10,000 sq ft co-working space in central Singapore where businesses from the physical world meet technology.

District6 offers flexible & hassle-free memberships for flex desks, dedicated fixed desks, and private offices from 2 – 20 pax.

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On top of office facilities, District6 boasts a specialty coffee shop, Kurasu, and a 100-person events space where we hold a wide variety of events connecting technology, ideas and businesses.

Global rank: 7,607,182
Singapore rank: NA



Dot Property Singapore brings together property buyers, renters and investors with private home sellers, renters, real estate agents and the best property developers in the country.

Dot Property offers thousands of properties to search from and keeps users informed through news, tips and features.

The Dot Property websites aim to make the move online faster and simpler whilst being one of the best tools to help sell or rent property.

Launched in January 2016, Dot Property Singapore has fast become one of the leading property websites and is one of a nine country property portals operated by Dot Property Group, which began in May 2013 and is one of the largest property portal networks across Asia.

Global rank: 9,080,779
Singapore rank: NA


anthill realtors

Anthill is a boutique real estate consultancy specialising in both residential and commercial real estate in the region.

Headquartered in Singapore, Anthill Realtors represents developers who are handpicked for their exceptional value and high standards.

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These products are then shortlisted and presented to their clients and potential investors through an end-to-end product offering which may include, investor visa processing facilities, payment facilities, a leasing team, cleaning services and a contractor list for clients to engage if the need arises.

Global rank: 14,553,815
Singapore rank: NA


Makespace provides an open, collaborative-driven environment where innovative businesses and individuals can flourish.

Their tagline is that they provide all your basic needs, so you focus on getting the job done.

They have one space at King George’s Building. This is a growing real estate company so there may be plans for them to expand to multiple spaces in future.

Global rank: 17,324,031
Singapore rank: NA



CKS was founded in the 1920s as Cheong Koon Seng Auctioneers & Valuers but was renamed CKS Property Consultants in 1999 to reflect its business diversification.

While they continue to build on their traditional strengths in valuation and auction, CKS is now a full-fledged property consultancy, licensed and regulated by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

The company provides a suite of professional services in the residential, commercial, industrial and retail property sectors.

Global rank: NA
Singapore rank: NA


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