What we do

  1. Buying and selling. Advise clients in acquiring and disposing property across all sectors – residential, retail, commercial and industrial. We welcome referrals.
  2. Advisory. Property and REIT financial planning and advice.
  3. Events. Organize talks by real estate investors, experts and professionals in the field.
  4. Interview individuals or companies who have gone through the property or REIT investment process or who have built up a sizable property portfolio.

Buying and selling


PropertyInvestSG is expanding and if you or you know of individuals or companies that are looking to buy or sell property, please contact us.

We pay individuals or companies a percentage commission for any referral that ends up acquiring or disposing of a property.

How the process works

  • You (A) know of someone (B) who wants to buy or sell their property
  • You (A) refer them (B) to PropertyInvestSG
  • If B completes a property purchase or sale through PropertyInvestSG, you (A) receive a portion of the commission from PropertyInvestSG

Talk to us to find out more.



Have successful (or unsuccessful) property or REIT investing experiences?

Want to showcase and be a proud owner of your 10 rental properties?

We provide the platform and will be happy to interview you. This is one way to gain exposure for you, your personal brand or your business.

Identities, properties and figures can be anonymized.

We aim for this site to have a collection of experiences for people to learn from the best.

If you know of anyone who is willing to share their experiences, please contact us also.

Guest posting

We welcome guest posters.

Guest posting simply means that the article you write will be posted on PropertyInvestSG and there will be a link at the end of the post to your website. Guest posting is a good way to get more publicity for your website and connect with new readers.

Please take of the following should you wish to guest post.

  • Article must be over 500 words
  • The article must be related to the finance, personal investing and the property industry. It can span private equity, personal real estate finance, REIT investing, property management, asset management, personal investments, DIY guides etc.
  • Content must be original
  • The content should be a standalone article and not part of a series
  • There should be at least one photo accompanying your post.

Drop us a message to get started with guest posting.