Buying a new launch? 101 guide to Feng Shui for your new house (Part 2)


This post is a follow up to Buying a new launch? 101 guide to Feng Shui for your new house (Part 1)

In the previous post, we went through how Feng Shui can

  1. Guide a buyer on what size of house to buy
  2. Floor recommendation
  3. House direction
  4. Missing corners in the house

In part 2, we will cover a few more tips such as what to do if your choice unit is not facing the pool and what if you have to consider your children when making a purchase.

Let’s look at a few more tips.

Many have preference for a unit with a pool or unblocked view, and of course there is a premium for that. What if you don’t have the budget for such a unit? Fret not. In Feng Shui, not everyone is suited to have a unit with a pool view as one of the five elements affecting the unit might be too strong. Example: your Bazi has already too much water.

When visiting the showflat, take note of any particular block that is sitting on lower/higher ground. Generally, a block built on higher ground is better. On a practical point of view, this also offers better views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Road facing units should be avoided when possible. However, there are exceptions such as when the maximum allowed road speed of vehicles is low, for example in a school zone or near a pedestrian crossing.

Units that are closely situated to an electrical substation usually presents a dilemma for prospective home buyers. To know exactly what malignant effect there will be, if any, it may be better to contact a professional to help you determine it based on the affected sector and its respective association.

Some bedrooms are quite small and prospective homebuyers may contemplate knocking down the walls to have more useable space. Wait! You should check to find out that you are not activating negative energy with the knocking down of walls.

A balcony can also double up as the dining area so as to free up more area for the living hall. Note that blinds/glass curtains should be installed to prevent rain from spilling in.

Families with children usually deliberate on which bedroom is most suitable for their children. As a general of the thumb, brighter rooms are more suited for the boys.

Pets are part of the family too! Common pets like dogs and cats have different needs. Dogs will need more space especially larger breeds. Cats, on the other hand, need less. Additional tip is to make sure your pets don’t do their “business” in the Wealth/Health Sector of the house!

Master Sherwin

This post has been contributed by Master Sherwin, famous for his straight-to-the-point and scientific Feng Shui and Bazi analysis. Clients have testified that his advice is highly effective and easy to implement.

Master Sherwin specializes in helping individuals and businesses maximize their opportunities without having to undergo expensive renovations.

Organizations that have engaged him for his insightful and humorous Feng Shui seminars include AIA Assurance, Bugis Junction, Country Garden, Loyang Point, Ministry of Defence, Serangoon North Village, Teban Place, Taman Jurong Shopping Centre and Sunshine place.

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