Robert Kiyosaki on how to get rich in property


Watch Robert Kiyosaki speak on how he gets rich in property, and tips he has on investors new to the property market.

Interesting points and insights on how he looks at real estate investments. Given his track record, it would be something to take note of and put into practice.

Summary/transcript of video

  • Being a real estate investor is really being an entrepreneur
  • How young people can get into real estate at this point of time, given the market conditions and how the world is like, is to take a simple real estate investment course
  • The best real estate deal should be less than 1 hour from your house because real estate is management intensive. It’s not like a stock.
  • Some people say “I have no money to invest in real estate”. The point is not to use just your money but the bank’s money, because that’s what it’s for.
  • This is what should be taught in school. Other things should be how to use debt to get rich and how to use real estate to not pay taxes legally.
  • Taxes are different for different people.
  • The tax code are incentives telling people what the government wants the people to do.
  • If you invest in stocks, you don’t get too many tax breaks.
  • As Robert invests in apartments and provides houses, he gets huge tax breaks for investing in house.
  • Get started with investing in a four-plex. Stay in one and rent the other 3 out.
  • The other 3 contributes to your mortgage payment. That’s smart.
  • On top of that, you get appreciation, amortization and tax breaks and on your pay cheque, you don’t pay taxes on it!

Some good points to take note off from a seasoned real estate investor. With these 6 reasons why people can get rich investing in real estate, may everyone aspire to become real estate moguls like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump!


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