Singapore REITs crashing – time to buy?


A lot of ink and blood has been shed by analysts, commentators and talking heads etc. about the crash in the stock market.

Singapore REITs have also taken the brunt of the hit, with prices of many REITs falling significantly over the last couple of weeks.

Is now a good time to buy?

Let’s take a look at the price charts of all the REITs to see which one has taken a beating and might be worth investing in.

Mapletree REITs have had some correction but not a drastic as many other REITs.

Keppel DC REIT has also taken a beating, but the decline isn’t as drastic as others.

Many small-cap REITs have taken a significant beating.

Hospitality REITs have suffered a fair bit.

Retail REITs have been beaten down a lot. Capitaland Mall Trust is down, but not as much as other retail REITs.

Newcomers to the market Elite Commercial REIT, Prime US REIT and Lend Lease REIT have declined quite a bit. However, Lend Lease REIT has started to climb on some people starting to buy.

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