Here are PropertyInvestSG we are passionate about helping individuals and institutions get rich investing in property.

To have an edge and make money in the market requires one to have information that is relevant and well-organized, preferably something that others do not have.

To that end, we have subscriptions that provide actionable insights and market intelligence for you to make the best-informed property investment decision, be it in stocks or actual physical property.

We have two newsletters for subscribers

  1. Property Stocks and REITs Strategy
  2. Physical Property Strategy
  3. Global Stock Market Strategy (coming soon)

In addition to what is provided in each subscription below, all subscribers will have access to

  1. Free two weeks trial for new subscribers
  2. All access Q&A
  3. Exclusive crowdfunding property deals released by our partners
  4. Regular webinars with industry veterans and insiders

How you benefit

  1. Single consolidated place with all the relevant and important information and insight on property stocks, REITs and the property market
  2. You don’t have to experience the hassle of going to various websites to gather and process all the information before investing
  3. Save your valuable time so you can spend it on other important activities
  4. Email sent out weekly to facilitate frequent tracking of the market for some who wish to do so
  5. Actionable insights makes it easy to follow the daily tips
  6. All access Q&A if you have questions

Property Stocks and REIT Strategy

Price: S$ / month

After annual 20% discount: S$ / month

  1. Email is sent out weekly
  2. Portfolio holdings in the All Property Portfolio
  3. Portfolio holdings in the REIT Focused Portfolio
  4. Portfolio holdings in the REIT Focused Sector Portfolio
  5. Portfolio holdings in the Dividend Focused Portfolio
  6. Portfolio holdings in the Property Developer Portfolio
  7. Specific buy and sell recommendations for stocks in all portfolios
  8. Stock price charts from inception of all mid-large cap property stocks and REITs on SGX
  9. Weekly aggregate performance for property stocks and REITs
  10. Important developments in the property stocks and REITs sector
  11. Selected excerpts from latest research reports and insights from industry insiders
  12. Information for all property stocks and REITs listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange as follows
  13. Trading currency
  14. Market capitalization
  15. Free float
  16. Stock price
  17. Stock price compared with recent highs and lows
  18. Dividend yield
  19. Price to book (P/B) ratio
  20. Price to earnings (P/E) ratio
  21. Revenue for the latest 3 financial years and yearly growth
  22. Net income for the latest 3 financial years and yearly growth
  23. Total debt
  24. Total assets
  25. Gearing ratio (total debt / total assets)
  26. Interest coverage ratio
  27. *More to be added

This plan is most suitable for

  • Beginner or advanced investors in the stock market
  • Those who want to invest in property stocks and REITs but don’t know where to start or want an edge when you start investing
  • Those who want to protect their property stocks and REIT portfolio from potential capital loss by getting advanced notice on potential risk
  • Dividend investors
  • Property sector rotation investors
  • Investors looking to build up a portfolio that provides sufficient retirement income

Physical Property Strategy

Price: S$ / month

After annual 20% discount: S$ / month

  1. Email is sent out weekly
  2. Market information for all new residential properties in the market. This is important to get a comprehensive view of prices in every project to inform your property strategy. Details include average sales price, highest and lowest sales price, sales rates and number of available units for sale.
  3. Current property market conditions such as supply-demand imbalance, vacancy rates, future supply that will have an impact on your property strategy.
  4. List of recommended projects based on factors such as favourable pricing, developer urgency to sell units, excellent layout and potential capital gains in future etc.
  5. List of upcoming new projects with important details when available
  6. Time sensitive price reductions or favourable units just released to the market. This information may be sent out apart from the regular daily schedule because of time sensitivity.
  7. Property residential price indexes from multiple credible providers such as NUS, SRX and URA. Use this to monitor how prices are trending on a month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter basis to inform your property strategy.
  8. Bidding prices by developers for land sold from the government or in en-bloc sales. Use this to ascertain if developers are selling new units at high prices and if you’re the one paying them more than you should!
  9. Links to upcoming property auctions to make it convenient for you in your hunt for undervalued properties
  10. For HDB properties, resale price trends across the island and in all towns. Based on historical HDB price trends, there are some places that you should avoid buying a resale HDB because of falling prices.
  11. Selected excerpts from latest research reports
  12. Key insights from industry insiders
  13. *More to be added

This plan is most suitable for

  • HDB, EC or private property owners
  • Those in the market looking for a property to stay or invest
  • Potentially suitable for those deciding between buying a HDB or private property
  • Those looking to upgrade or downgrade from their current property

More to come

Coming: Global Stock Market Strategy