Twin Vew Condominium at West Coast Vale by China Construction Company

Exquisite homes inspired by mother nature. Waterfront living at West Coast with Twin Vew condominium which also offers fantastic investment potential due to proximity to Jurong district, the nation's high speed rail terminus.

Twin Vew Developer impression (2)

Twin Vew condominium at West Coast vale is a new condominum project by China Construction Development.

Conveniently located at the tip of Jurong Lake District, Twin Vew is the only condominium in the western part of Singapore to be released in 2018.

The project carries immense potential for capital and rental gain because of its proximity to Jurong Lake District and the high prices bidded by developers (CDL for a pizza shaped site and Sing Hai Yi for Park West en bloc) for surrounding plots of land.

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Read about a recent seminar held at Genting Jurong Hotel by Propnex for the project.

This is one condominium to watch out for due to its special place in Singapore’s URA masterplan – close proximity to the 2nd CBD in Singapore (the Jurong Lake District).

The West Coast Vale Condominium land was bought in Feb 2017 through the Government Land Sale programme.

China Construction won the bid at S$292 million or S$592 psf ppr which was higher than analyst expectations.

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Twin Vew project details

Project name Twin Vew
Project title Residential development comprising 2 blocks of 36 storey buildings (total 520 units)
Inclusive of 1 childcare centre, 2 shop units, 2 levels of basement car parks, swimming pool and communal facilities.
Address 91 West Coast Vale 128755
93 West Coast Vale 128756
Developer China Construction Development (CSC Land Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd)
Tenure 99 years
District 5
Unit types 1 bedroom: 484 sqft, 34 units
1 bedroom + study: 570 sqft, 35 units
2 bedroom: 710-743 sqft, 137 units
2 bedroom + study: 818 sqft, 34 units
3 bedroom executive: 904 sqft, 34 units
3 bedroom deluxe: 1,055 – 1,066 sqft, 69 units
3 bedroom + study: 1,141 – 1,184 sqft, 68 units
4 bedroom executive: 1,238 – 1,249 sqft, 35 units
4 bedroom + study: 1,378 sqft, 34 units
4 bedroom deluxe: 1,518 sqft, 34 units
Penthouse: 1,442 – 2,088 sqft, 6 units
Shops: 549 and 560 sqft, 2 units
Site area 16,378 sqm
Gross floor area 45,860 sqm
Est selling price of Twin Vew S$1,350 to S$1,400 psf
Estimated preview date 7 April
Estimated booking date 21 or 28 April
No of blocks To be advised
No of storeys To be advised
No of units 520 units and 2 shops
TOP 4Q 2020
Other facilities Childcare centre
Project highlights Potential area with western Singapore rejuvenation (supporting market wide prices)
High Speed Rail at Jurong (potential for rental demand)
Shifting of PSA to Tuas Megaport (potential for rental demand)
No new land sales in the vicinity (less supply supports pricing)
Jurong Region Line opening in 2025 and Cross Region Line opening in 2030 (will bring footfall, rejuvenation to the area)
M&E Engineer United Project Consultants Pte Ltd
C&S Engineer TW-Asia Consultants Pte Ltd
Architect P&T Consultants Pte Ltd
Builder China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co. Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd

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Twin Vew site location

Twin Vew condominium is located at a choice area, near the upcoming Jurong lake district and high speed rail.

Other notable landmarks include Discovery Centre, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, NUS, NUH, International Business Park and West Coast Beach.

The West Coast Vale address is also highly sought after by many people because there is no public housing in the immediate vicinity.

The only public housing starts from the area around Tanglin Secondary School which is further South East of Twin Vew.

As a homeowner, while it may not have such a ring of luxury and exclusivity compared to staying at Marina Boulevard, Shenton Way or Robinson Road, the West Coast Vale where Twin Vew is located does carry some weight of exclusiveness with it.

Twin view

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Twin Vew – Amenities

Twin Vew consists of various facilities such as tennis courts, waterfall, foliage area, forest cabana, mist garden, gym with a river view, dining pavilion, forest club room, playground, adventure play, riverfront diing area, riverfront trail, co-working space, reading lounge, childcare centre, shops and study alcove among many other facilities.

Site plan twin vew Site plan legend twin vew

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Twin Vew – Site, floor plans and pricing

Twin Vew will consist of the following units

  • 1 bedroom: 484 sqft, 34 units
  • 1 bedroom + study: 570 sqft, 35 units
  • 2 bedroom: 710-743 sqft, 137 units
  • 2 bedroom + study: 818 sqft, 34 units
  • 3 bedroom executive: 904 sqft, 34 units
  • 3 bedroom deluxe: 1,055 – 1,066 sqft, 69 units
  • 3 bedroom + study: 1,141 – 1,184 sqft, 68 units
  • 4 bedroom executive: 1,238 – 1,249 sqft, 35 units
  • 4 bedroom + study: 1,378 sqft, 34 units
  • 4 bedroom deluxe: 1,518 sqft, 34 units
  • Penthouse: 1,442 – 2,088 sqft, 6 units
  • Shops: 549 and 560 sqft, 2 units

Twin Vew Price range

Type Size Price starting from
1BR 484sf FULLY SOLD. Contact us for potential drop out units!
1BR + study 570sf FULLY SOLD. Contact us for potential drop out units!
2BR 732sf S$1.1M
3BR 904sf S$1.4M
3BR deluxe 1,055sf S$1.558M
3+study 1,141sf S$1.616M
4BR 1,249sf S$1.85M
4BR + study 1,378sf S$1.864M

Pricing is estimated to be between S$1,350 and S$1,400 psf.

One attractive point of Twin Vew compared to other projects are that 100% of the space is used for greenery.

How can this be you ask me?

The rooftops of Tower 91 and 93 are both filled with greenery consisting of facilities such as a garden walk and sky park.

Therefore, when taking the top down view and looking at the Twin Vew site, it will appear that the whole site is full of greenery, but in actual fact has been due to good foresight and planning by the architect in using all available space for greenery.

Twin Vew Floor Plans

Please find the following pictures for floor plans of Twin Vew.

The pictures are arranged in order of bedroom size, with 1 bedroom unit floor plans being shown first.

To facilitate comparison with the schematic, the tower number of each unit type is shown together.

In terms of a review of which units may be popular, Tower 91 would be preferred because it is exactly north-south facing followed by Tower 93.

In Tower 91, units 1, 4, 5 and 6 would be preferred over units 2 and 3 because the west sun does not shine directly onto them. The west sun will shine onto the units 2 and 3 which are the 4 bedroom deluxe and study floor plan types respectively.

For units 2 and 3, the west sun will shine mainly onto the master bedroom walls. You don’t want to return home in the evening to an oven!

Units 1, 4, 5 and 6 are 3BR executive, 2BR + study, 3BR + study and 4BR executive respectively.

Units in Tower 91 will also receive the breezy wind between Dec and Mar (North wind), and June and Sept (South).

In Tower 93, the preferred units are 10 (3BR deluxe), 11 (2BR), 12 (1BR + study), 13 (2BR) and 14 (1BR) which are North East Facing.

These units will also receive the North East wind between Dec and Mar.

These units will not receive any west sun anytime in the year.

These units will be facing Parc Riviera, the Faber landed house area and, further in the distance, Bukit Timah.

Finally, units 7 (2BR), 8 (2BR), 9 (3BR deluxe) and 15 (3BR deluxe)which are South West facing are least recommended because they have receive some west sun mainly Jan to Mar and Oct to Dec.

The redeeming factor is that these are facing the Pandan Reservoir and river.

Twin Vew 1 BR A1 Twin Vew 1BR study A2s Twin Vew 2BR B1 Twin Vew 2BR B2 Twin Vew 2BR B3 Twin Vew 2BR B4 Twin Vew 2BR study B5s Twin Vew 3BR Exec C1 Twin Vew 3BR Deluxe C2 Twin Vew 3BR Deluxe C3 Twin Vew 3BR study C4s Twin Vew 3BR study C5s Twin Vew 4BR exec D1 Twin Vew 4BR exec D1a Twin Vew 4BR study D2s Twin Vew 4BR Deluxe D3

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Twin Vew showflat location

The Twin Vew showflat is located at the Junction of West Coast Vale and West Coast Road.

Twin Vew showflat location

If you’re driving down, we have made it convenient for you to just hit this Google Maps link to navigate to Twin Vew’s showflat location.

Before coming to the showflat, do remember to drop us a message first so that we personally can be there for you or arrange for someone to specially welcome you.

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Jurong lake district – Singapore’s second CBD

Living in Twin Vew will mean being in close proximity to Jurong Lake District (Singapore’s second CBD).

Twin Vew is conveniently located at the South-Eastern tip of Jurong Lake District, and about 1 km from the high speed rail terminus.

The International Business Park is even nearer and just across the Sungei Pandan river.

There is immense rental and capital gains potential for anyone who invests in Twin Vew.

Furthermore, the condo is the only new launch in the whole of 2018.

JLD Twin Vew 1Jurong Lake District is the largest commercial hub outside the city centre.

There is a myriad of opportunities for work, leisure and investment.

There will potentially 100,000 new jobs, 20,000 new homes and 9 million sqft of new offices (about 10 new office buildings).

The high speed rail will open new markets and opportunities in a metropolitan region of over 10 million people.

There is over 250,000 sqm of retail, entertainment and lifestyle options such as JCube, JEM, Westgate, IMM and Big Box malls.

There is also an integrated healthcare community offered at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Jurong Community Hospital and Vision Exchange, totalling 1,100 beds and 53 medical suites.

JLD Twin Vew 2Under planning is a landmark mega-mixed use destination at 4-5million sqm comprising a central district, campus district, community green district, waterfront district and a new island.

With extensive greenery, there are park connectors and gardens at your doorstep.JLD Twin Vew 3Heavily anticipated is the high-speed rail terminus which brings people from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 90 minutes.

There are 2 future MRT stations which are the Jurong Region Line and Cross Island line.

JLD Twin Vew 4

Transport facilities

The bus services that serve residents of Twin Vew include 97, 97E, 154, 197 and 201.

For those who drive, AYE Exit 13 is only a 2-3 min drive from Twin Vew.

Twin Vew – Close to high speed rail link

If you want to be located near the Singapore KL high speed rail terminus, Twin vew is your golden chance!

Get from Singapore to KL in 90 minutes with the high speed rail. This is compared to 6 hours by train, 1 hour by air, 4 hours by car and 5 hours by coach.

Rental and investment potential for twin vew will be enhanced by its proximity to the high speed rail terminus.

The High Speed Rail will benefit both Singapore and KL and transform how people do business, travel for leisure and even choose their house location.

The High Speed Rail would also ease traffic congestion at the borders of both countries, saving time and increasing productivity for workers on both sides of the causeway.

Businesses are likely to take advantage of the improved accessibility, while areas around the high speed rail stations will definitely become very attractive to developers.

Land values are likely to increase as a result.

On the political front, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said at the announcement that the High Speed Rail will give both countries a big stake in keeping relations stable and warm.

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Benefits beyond a faster commute

Analysts are also saying the high speed rail will change the way people think about Singapore and Malaysia.

Both countries’ people and economies will be drawn closer together, akin to London-Paris, Taipei-Kaohsiung and Tokyo-Osaka.

For example, factories sprang up along the Tokyo-Osaka high speed rail link and there was new life breathed into towns dotting the tracks.

The same can likely be said for the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur high speed rail when complete in 2026.

High speed rail to reduce travel time between Singapore and KL

Direct connection between Singapore, KL and cities in between

Strategically located near Jurong East MRTLink 1) Twin Vew quick navigation 2) Contact us/register interest

Facts about the high speed rail link

  • Operations commencing in 2026
  • Seven of eight stations will be in Malaysia – in KL, Seremban, Putrajaya, Muar, Ayer Keroh, Batu Pahat and Iskandar Puteri
  • The Singapore station will be at Jurong East, on the site of the ex-Jurong Country Club
  • Project involves construction of a new 350km long line. 335km will be in Malaysia and 15km in Singapore
  • The Malaysia and Singapore governments will be responsible for developing, constructing and maintaining the stations and infrastructure within their own territories
  • Travel times from Kuala Lumpur will be reduced to 90 minutes, compared to 4 to 5 hours driving

Twin Vew – Close to Jurong – Singapore’s second CBD

Twin Vew new launch condominium is close to developments such as International Business park (IBP) and One North.

These developments are clusters that has been earmarked by the government to house high value added manufacturing, IT, aerospace and research activities.

For owners of the Twin Vew condominium, there is potential for rental to expatriates in these business parks.

As reference, some of the nearby developments such as Monterey park condominium, the infiniti and Carabelle are registering rental yields of approximately 3% and annual capital gains of mid-single digits.

These are older properties so it is likely that Twin Vew Condominium is likely to fetch slightly higher rental yields given its newness factor.

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Tuas Megaport project


The Tuas Mega Port which will be open in phases from 2021 will be more than a hive of container traffic.

The Port Authority of Singapore envisages it to be a place where there are cafes, retail stores and even a jogging track to optimize land use and add vibrancy.

There are plans to bring in large retail outlets such as Tesco and sports-based Decathalon that can pull in the weekend crowd.

When the port at West Coast is moved to Tuas, there will be much more space freed up for entertainment and recreational uses.

The West Coast area will then be a hive of activity and fun, supporting the livability of the area and prices of the Twin Vew new launch condominium.

Tg Pagar Terminal cleared ahead of schedule

Remember the Greater Southern Waterfront project? Find out why it could kick off faster than expected.

Posted by The Straits Times on Monday, 14 August 2017

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Cross island line

The cross island line will connect Jurong to Changi and reduce crowding on the East-West and North East lines.

Starting from Changi, the cross island line, for which Twin Vew is located on one of the stops, will pass through Loyang, Pasir Ris, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Sin Ming, Bukit Timah, Celmenti, West Coast and terminate at Jurong Industrial Estate.

Commuters will have more rail options and travel times will be shortened significantly.

District 5 historical performance as comparables for Twin Vew condominium

Twin Vew new launch condominium is in district 5, and based on the historical performance, performance has been good given it’s proximity to Jurong second CBD, the upcoming high speed rail, and lifestyle amenities such as West Coast Park.

The chart below shows that prices have risen from about S$800 psf in 2010 to S$1,200 psf in Sept 2017. This translates into a 50% gain over 7 years.

If historical trends persist, as we believe it should due to property as an asset class appreciating about 7% on average per annum, the prices of Twin Vew would be about S$1,800 in 7 years time or 2025.

District 5 historical transaction prices and volume
District 5 historical transaction prices and volume

Looking at the developments around Twin Vew condominium, such as Jubilee residence, Viva Vista and Clementi Woods condominium, these are presently fetching between 3.8 to 4.5% rental yield.

This is quite attractive considering Singapore bonds are yielding about 2.1%.

At the lower end, yields are about 3.3%.

It would be reasonable to think that Twin Vew condominium will likely fetch rental yields in the 3% range.

Based on uncompleted projects in district 5 as a comparable for Twin Vew condominium, average prices are between S$1,230 and S$1,873 for Parc Riviera and The Orient projects respectively.

Prices for The Orient may be higher due to its freehold status.

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500sqft comparable prices

Based on the closest comparable, Parc Riviera, which started selling at the end of 2016, prices for units below 500 sqft were in the range of S$1,300 and above.

Units above 500 sqft in size sold at a range of S$1,100 to S$1,400. Clustering was around the S$1,220 to S$1,230 range.

Parc Riviera prices <500sqft

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IRR and returns for an investor in Twin Vew

For those who are looking to invest, potential returns on an IRR basis would be in the 12 to 13% range.

The equity multiple is in the 3.x range.

Assumptions used are 80% LTV, 3% rental yield with rents growing 2% every year, valuation growing by 3% every year and an interest rate of 3% constant throughout the holding period.

The biggest driver of returns will be the valuation growth and LTV taken.

The exercise takes a 3% growth in valuation which may be on the conservative side seeing that property prices rise can sometimes rise 6 to 7% per annum.

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Twin Vew transport connectivity

Twin Vew is about 5 mins drive to AYE Exit 13, Jurong Town Hall.

Buses near Twin Vew condominium include 97, 201, 97E, 154, 197 and 198.

Twin vew bus stops and AYE exit 13Link 1) Twin Vew quick navigation 2) Contact us/register interest

Amenities around Twin Vew

Twin View Amenities
Twin Vew Amenities

Around Twin Vew, there are amenities such as Childcare centres (Cherie Hearts Little Tots Cottage, Eureka Schoolhouse), Clinics (Dr WK Koo and Associates, Pandan Clinic, Medical Union Clinic), Dentists (Atria-Pan dental group Pte Ltd) and national parks (Pandan reservoir fitness corner).

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Heatmap of prices around Twin Vew

Twin Vew heatmap for west coast

Based on the heatmap provided by EdgeProp, prices in the West Coast area over the last 5 years averaged S$1,212 psf.

This is lower than that in the Jurong Gateway area where prices are about S$1,400 psf.

Over time, prices in the West Coast area is likely to pull upwards as general market prices increase, and as the Jurong area develops its character as a second CBD and high speed rail terminus location.

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Close to popular shopping centres

Twin Vew is located near Clementi Mall, JCube, Westgate and IMM outlet mall.

For those who think Orchard Road is too far and too crowded on both weekdays and weekends, the amount of shopping around Twin Vew new launch condominium will keep you occupied for some time.

With these malls, all your entertainment, leisure, discretionary and shopping needs will be met.

Brands at these malls include Golden Village, Katong Laksa, ALDO, Challenger, Samsung Experience Store, Singtel, Calvin Klein, Citizen, OCBC Bank, Singpost, Bank of China, Naiise, Timezone, Yamaha, Breadtalk, Crystal Jade, Fish & Co, Food Republic and many more.

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Clementi Mall

The Clementi Mall is a six-storey retail development totaling approximately 191,000 square feet of retail space, which includes a basement shopping level and a basement carpark.

With its strategic location in Clementi town and accessibility to integrated transport amenities like the Clementi MRT station and bus interchange, The Clementi Mall is poised to be an anchor attraction in the area.

Positioned as a contemporary and mid-market mall, Clementi Mall will enjoy a good catchment from Holland Village, Bukit Timah and West Coast, where key tertiary institutions such as National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and UniSIM are located.

Twin view - near clementi mall

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Anyone out there still remembers Jurong Entertainment Centre (JEC)? Yep, that’s JCube’s predecessor.

Previously boasting Singapore’s only ice-skating rink, it was eclipsed by Kallang Leisure Park, when the latter also built an indoor rink to rival the likes of JEC.

JEC was demolished in 2008 and in its place now stands JCube.

Twin view - near JCube


Westgate is a lifestyle and family shopping mall in Jurong East, Singapore. It is the only mall with direct connections to both Jurong East MRT station and Jurong East Bus Interchange.

Located at the heart of Jurong Gateway, the integrated retail and office development compromises of a 7-level lifestyle and family shopping mall and a 20-level office tower known as Westgate Tower.

Isetan Supermarket, together with a wine shop called Bacchus, is located at Basement 2, the lowest level in Westgate.

There is also the Westgate Wonderland on Level 4, a gym with a swimming pool and a childcare centre called Kids Club at Level 5.

Twin view - near Westgate

IMM Outlet mall

Short for International Merchandise Mart Mall, IMM is situated in Jurong East.

This place has outlet provisions for many things – fashion, sports, travel and furniture.

Famous brands include Agnes b, Coach, Samsonite, Adidas etc.

Twin view - near IMM outlet mall

Healthcare amenities

Twin vew is located near Jurong Community Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

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Schools near Twin Vew

The schools near Twin View include Qifa Primary, Nan Hua Primary, Clementi Primary, Japanese Kindergarten and Tanglin Secondary School.

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Photo of Twin Vew land parcel

Looking Eastward towards the CBD and city centre.Twin View West Coast Vale Parcel

View towards Pandan reservoirTwin view View towards the landed estatesTwin view View towards the cityTwin view Twin Vew Developer impression (1) Twin Vew Developer impression (2)Lowres TwinViews2R-20 Lowres TwinViews2R-22 Lowres TwinViews2R-25 Lowres TwinViews3Rm-02 Lowres TwinViews3Rm-07 Lowres TwinViews3Rm-10 Lowres TwinViews4Rm-33 Lowres TwinViews4Rm-39 Lowres TwinViews4Rm-45 Lowres TwinViews4Rm-46

Government land sale for Twin Vew

Following article from Straits Times on 10 Feb 2017

China Construction Development has put in the top bid of $292 million in a hard-fought, nine-way battle for a residential land parcel in West Coast Vale.

The bid of $592 per sq ft per plot ratio (psf ppr) was towards the upper end of expectations, said JLL national director of research and consultancy Ong Teck Hui.

He added: “It reflects optimism that the residential market will continue to improve. Private home sales in 2016 grew nearly 16 per cent over the previous year and is expected to improve further in 2017, while price declines have been moderating.

“This has led to the perception that the market is closer to the bottom and contributed to the firm bidding for the subject site.”

The West Coast Vale 99-year leasehold plot was launched on Dec 7. The tender closed yesterday.

Close behind, in second spot, MCC Land tendered $289.9 million, or about $587.3 psf ppr, for the parcel with a site area of about 176,294 sq ft – close to the top end of the expected $450 psf ppr to $600 psf ppr range.

Mr Desmond Sim, head of CBRE Research for Singapore and South-east Asia, said: “The plot is the last site to be sold on the Government Land Sales confirmed list for 2016 and the profiles of the bid parties reflect interest from some relatively newer developers and small-cap players who find the quantum affordable and easy to manage.”

This will negate the risks for developers making their first foray into the residential market, he added.

Twin vew bidders west coast vale

Mr Ong said the top bid was 7.4 per cent above the $551 psf ppr paid for the adjacent Parc Riviera site as it is slightly superior, being farther from the Ayer Rajah Expressway.

The West Coast Vale site is also somewhat near the Jurong Lake District and malls like Jem.

Mr Sim said the site is in an enclave of private developments, an established area close to the park connector network along Sungei Pandan. “It requires the use of prefabricated materials which will help to keep a lid on construction costs.”

Mr Ong noted that nine bidders was a good turnout for this site, which he regarded as mediocre as it is not near an MRT station.

He added: “As sales at Parc Riviera have not been brisk, with prices averaging around $1,200 psf, the subject development may have to be priced more competitively to achieve better sales progress.”

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China Construction Development has a strong track record of building quality homes, with projects such as Alexandra Vew, eCo, Mon Jervois, 70 Saint Patrick’s, Seahill under their belt.

China Construction is a quality developer not just in Singapore but around the world.

The following video showcases their use of technology, tapping of the capital markets and design principles in developing their properties.

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