List of Singapore investment and REIT blogs I follow


This blog post tracks the list of Singapore finance bloggers that I follow.

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Last updated 23 Aug 2017.

These investment and REIT blogs are a great resource. Some of them provide great information on the market, others provide more personal information like the amount of dividends they receive month-to-month, others conduct training, some chronicle their investment journey.

  1. S-REIT investment blog. Currently has S$3,300 in dividends a month. Aims for 8% yield stocks. Buys when price is lower than NAV. Goes for low gearing stocks and high secured NAV.
  2. Singapore investment bloogers toward financial freedom. Blog that collects a list of other investment blogs based in Singapore.
  3. My stocks investing journey. Kenny Loh, one of the pioneer financial bloggers in Singapore. Has been blogging since 2009 and reaches 19,000 unique monthly visitors.
  4. SGX Reit data. Blog that provides an list of Singapore REITs and updates their data daily. Information incudes market price, DPU cents, yields, NAV, gearing and asset type.
  5. Millionaire Dividend Investor in Singapore. Blogger lists out the blogs that were his inspiration when he first started as a dividend investor.
  6. SG Money matters. Author by the name of Ivan, an entrepreneur, financial consultant, blogger, author and educator.
  7. Value investing Singapore. Site was setup mainly because we just want to share what we had learnt about smart value investing to new investors and to build our Value Investing Singapore community. Singaporeans can make use of this blog as a good start to learn more about value investing.
  8. Wealth Directions. Financial advisory company and blog that aims to be the leading provider of Financial Education in Singapore and the region.
  9. Investment moats. Kyith Ng is the founder of Investment Moats, which mentors readers on wealth management to work towards financial independence.
  10. Dr Wealth. Investor-centric platform providing investor education and portfolio management tools. We have conducted classes and workshops for close to 4,000 attendees in the past few years. The topics include value investing, dividends, REITs, bonds, angel investing and other personal finance matters. These lessons were delivered from the perspective of a Do-It-Yourself investor.
  11. Thoughts of a cynical investor. The purpose of the blog is to entertain by providing, I hope, witty,  critical and acerbic analysis of companies’ strategies, financials, and management.  In particular to analyse the difference between what managers say they are doing, and the truth.
  12. Real Estate Economics by SMU. Guide to resources used in the real estate economics course taught in SMU.
  13. Singapore REITs. General information on S-REITs.
  14. Property Investment Singapore. This blog is setup primarily because it serves as a mean to constantly improving the knowledge of property investment and financial education aside having blogging as a hobby
  15. Growing your tree of prosperity. General finance blog that has a bit of a quant leaning.
  16. Lepak Investor. LepakInvestor is a “young” 31 year old investor who has been playing the market since 2005 during his NS days (i.e. ever since he turned 21). He dreams of having a nice quiet private home in Singapore, starting his own business, and enjoys nature very much
  17. By the Motley fool. Well known investment website.
  18. REIT Symposium 2017. After the resounding success of REITs Symposium 2016 which witnessed the participation of 22 REITs companies, REITs Symposium 2017 is back on a bigger scale presenting 26 REITs profiles. It is a one day event aimed to give you an up close opportunity to hear and engage with the BEST minds in REITs to increase your financial intelligence and build a lifetime wealth.
  19. Singaporean Stock Investor ASSI.
  20. Redbrick Mortgage Advisory. Mortgage advisory website with regular updates on the property market and financing information.
  21. GHChua My investment portfolio.
  22. Heartland boy. WHO: Heartland Boy is a young working adult who pretends to be competent in the real estate industry despite graduating with only a Business Management degree. Outside of work, he analyses stocks, reits and property for investment to build passive income. He is also a stickler for all things that represent value-for-money. WHAT: is a personal finance blog in Singapore where you can follow the arduous journey of a true-blue heartlander who is on the elusive chase for financial independence. He has the ambition of attaining financial freedom before turning forty so that he has the option to retire before society retires him prematurely.
  23. Lady You Can Be Free. I’m a single lady who aspires to achieve financial freedom. I graduated from university with a salary of only SGD 2,200 per month and started this financial freedom project in 2005 when my career came to a transition. Being the sole breadwinner for a family of 4, I needed desperately to figure out how long I can survive without a job with my pathetic savings. While sorting out my finances, I came across my Central Depository statements and realized that passive incomes can be generated through dividends.
  24. Propertysoul and Propertyclubsg
  26. sginvestbloggers
  27. thefinance

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