REITs that pay out dividends frequently


As REIT investors, we want to continually see income and dividends being credited into our accounts. Don’t wait 6 months when these REITS provide you with a quarterly pay check.

One advantage of getting a quarterly pay check (versus semi-annual), is the impetus to be invested in the market, regardless of capital gains or losses.

Analysts have done many studies on whether market timing works, and the conclusive evidence by Schwab, NYU, and Time Magazine, to name a few, is that it doesn’t. What actually provides investors with a net positive gain in the stock market is time in the market, as proclaimed by Fidelity, AXA and Betterment.

Essentially, the authors claim show that retail and even professional institutional investors are unable to beat the market by timing it, after transaction costs are accounted for.

This means that investors are better off putting a fixed amount of money into the market over a period of time at fixed intervals. This keeps investors invested in the market, with the opportunity to ride the up waves when they come.

You may say, “I know when the up-waves are coming and I will buy the stocks before they run up”. While this sounds good in theory, and many investors are deluded into thinking they can successfully time the market, the reality is not so.

If that is truly the case, a combination of staying invested in the market + receiving regular quarterly paychecks as impetus to stay invested, is a logical move for one to reap the greatest profit.

REITs that pay dividend every quarter

  • Frasers commercial trust
  • Keppel REIT
  • Suntec REIT
  • Capitamall trust
  • Frasers Centerpoint
  • Lippo
  • Mapletree Commercial Trust
  • SPH
  • Starhill
  • Cache
  • ESR
  • Mapletree industrial
  • Mapletree logistics
  • Sabana
  • SoilBuild
  • Viva
  • Far East hospitality
  • OUE hospitality
  • First REIT
  • Parkway life

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