Singapore’s next ‘Sail’ moment is not here, but something else is


Even though Bloomberg feels that Singapore’s ‘Sail’ moment is not coming anytime soon, in reference to the iconic [email protected] in downtown Singapore, something else is brewing in the property market.

What could that be?

It’s something that could make existing property owners a cool million dollars of profit, is enough to get property agents sitting up, and investors clamoring to find the new project that could be en-bloc’d.

Since the beginning of 2017, these developments have been in the news for secured or potential en-bloc developments.

How do you get on the en-bloc bandwagon?

If you don’t own a unit in a development that may be en-bloc’d soon, how do you get on the bandwagon?

Identify which development is likely to be en-bloc’d (duh). How?

The EdgeProp has an interesting quantitative model that could help you narrow down the developments that have a higher chance of being en-bloc’d. They presently have Balmoral Point, Crystal Tower, Dalvey Court, Derby Court, East Grove, Grange Heights, High Point, Still Mansions and Tan Tong Meng Tower.

For what it’s worth, check out those developments if you believe in their model.

Check out Singapore’s URA Masterplan on locations that have an increased plot ratio

Compare the plot ratios for various locations in the 2014 and 2008 masterplans. And no, that is not going to be easy.


Find developments with wide open spaces

Especially developments with many car park spaces, wide open roads and relatively low built up density. This is a sign that there is un-utilized plot ratio which can be converted into dwelling areas and sold by developers. Some examples include Mandarin Gardens, Laguna Park, Neptune Court and Lagoon View. These are prime, East Coast district properties that is walking distance to the beach.


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